The strength of the Marian prayer

On 8 October the official inauguration of the Marian Jubilee took place within the framework of the Mercy Jubilee announced by Pope Francis. The day before, on the occasion of the celebration of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary, the Bishop of Rome introduced the devotees to the Marian spirituality, which has the Rosary as its symbol of strength and faith.

What does the Blessed Virgin Mary represent of Jesus Christ's servants? She is not only the Mother of the Catholic Church but also the first disciple, example of the strength of prayers and powerful path towards intercession to God. From the Annunciation to the moment when Mary reassured the Apostles while they were waiting for the Holy Spirit, the Blessed Virgin Mary has always been a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ, impartial servant of Our Lord. Mary is then a clear instance of disciple to follow, bearing in mind that we have to listen and act at the same time. In Pope Francis' words: " With her faith, we learn to open our hearts to obey God; in her self-denial, we see the importance of tending to the needs of others; in her tears, we find the strength to console those experiencing pain. In each of these moments, Mary “expresses the wealth of divine mercy that reaches out to all in their daily need. It’s not enough simply to listen. While this is the first step, it must be followed by concrete actions. She is the Mother of Mercy, both from a metaphorical and a physical point of view. God's Mercy incarnated in her and gave Jesus Christ to light".

Furthermore, the Blessed Virgin Mary, leaves us an important legacy about prayers' strength. Mary teaches us a simple prayer, which leads us to think about mysteries and Jesus life and which has Rosary as its incredible strength. In the Rosary there is the whole strength of the Marian prayer, a simple and familiar prayer "the prayer of the humble and the Saints" (Pope Francis). It is a prayer sometimes considered obsolete, but rich in strength and intercession to the Virgin Mary, the Queen of Peace. As stated by Pope Francis, the Rosary "does not take away our problems, but gives us the power to love, to peacefully bear pain. Receiving and bringing God’s consolation: this mission of the Church is urgent as it is to evangelize". The Rosary is then a powerful tool to face current criticalities through the approach which is required to every God's servant.

Let's benefit from the beginning of the Marian Jubilee following the example of the Virgin Mary and Pope Francis, who declared that Rosary is "the prayer of my heart". Rosary has to be part of our lives and those of our families. Let's give this prayer as a present to ourselves and to others. This prayer is the symbol of Marian's strength and God's Mercy. 

Don Pino Esposito

Don Pino Esposito - The strength of the Marian prayer

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